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4 Business Tasks We Prioritize

Home Business Tips 4 Business Tasks We Prioritize


We know firsthand that running a small business is hard. It always seems like there is a million things to do and not enough time in the day to get them done. There’s been times when our to do list was so long, we thought we’d never finish it. While we’ve realized that some tasks can be put on the back burner, there are 4 things we make sure we stay on top of.


1. Social Media

Social media is important because it’s how we get a lot of our clients. We post updates regularly and be sure to interact with fans and respond to questions. Tools like Buffer have made posting easier for us because we can schedule updates for the week. We also use Crowdfire to help keep track of our new followers.

2.  Blogging

We’ve noticed that if we take a break from blogging, our traffic numbers go down. The majority of our traffic we get to our site is to our blog, so it’s important that we keep it updated with new posts and helpful content. Blogging also gives us great content to share on social media, so we aren’t struggling with what to share on our platforms.

3. Checking Analytics

We check our analytics regularly to make sure we know where our traffic is coming from, what’s working and what can be improved upon. These insights have helped us come up with content to post, see what social media platforms are really working for us and figure out the best days and times to post.

4. Backing Up Our Site

This may be the most important task we stay on top of. Our wonderful host backs up our website automatically every night. If we ever have a problem with an update, a security issue, or a server crash (fingers crossed none of this ever happens!) we know we can restore our site without losing anything. Since 90% of our business is done online, it’s very important to have a working site.

What tasks are you prioritizing for your business?

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