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Brand and Web Design for The Traveling Dentists in Bucks County, PA

Today, we are celebrating the launch of a new brand and website design for The Traveling Dentists!

When Dr. Abby Neville, a dentist in Bucks County, PA, came to us with her business idea, we immediately wanted to help. After working with several nursing homes and assisted living facilities, she realized a need in her community. Due to restraints or physical disabilities, not everyone has the ability to travel to see a dentist. Dr. Neville started The Traveling Dentist to serve these people.

The Traveling Dentists have completely mobile dental equipment, which allows for routine dental procedures like checkups, cleaning and even x-rays, right in the comfort of the patient’s home. Having an all female staff, Dr. Neville wanted her brand to be feminine and fun, but also look professional.


The Traveling Dentists logo design

The Traveling Dentists website design by Wicky Design.

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