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Designer + Developer Partnership Group

We created a brand new Facebook group called Designer + Developer Partnerships. The purpose of this group is to help establish partnerships between designers & developers. We found a need to help connect designers & developers for partnerships. We couldn’t find an existing platform that made it easy to help connect these 2 groups of people. So we thought why not try to create a Facebook group!?


Designer + Developer Partnerships


Why Facebook?

We think Facebook will be the best platform for this group. We’ve been using other platforms such as LinkedIn and haven’t had much luck finding long term relationships. Doing “cold searches” on the different social networks takes too much time and has a low conversion rate.


United States Partnerships

We want to limit this group to only people within the United States. Good communication is key to a solid long term relationship. It’s really difficult to keep solid communication with someone if they are located on the other side of the world. We also don’t want to deal with different currencies and conversion fees.


Partners Are An Extension of Your Brand

The quality of your partnerships will show in your work. If you partner with someone who doesn’t share the same business values as your brand, it will show up in your end product. We can’t stress how important brand consistency is to your company. Don’t let a bad partnership put your company in jeopardy.


Reward Your Partner

We love to reward our partners after a big project. This could be something simple like an Amazon gift card or a free service you offer. For example, we might offer our partner free web hosting for their personal website or side project. It’s a great way to say thank you and helps them save money on a business expense.


If you’re a designer or developer and need to find a long term partnership. Make sure to check out our new Facebook group (Designer + Developer Partnerships).

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