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What To Expect When Hiring A Web Designer

Home Business Tips What To Expect When Hiring A Web Designer

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to hiring a web designer. If this is your first time working with one, you may be wondering, “What did I get myself into?” While each designer will have a different process, there are certain things you can be prepared for.

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We will want to have a meeting to ask you questions and learn about your goals for the website. Along with your favorite colors and design preferences, you’ll talk about things like your target audience, content, images and navigation structure.

Why is this important?

Your website is more than just a pretty, online business card. It’s a marketing tool. The more we about your business, the more effective your website will be. We ask these questions to make sure we’re solving your problems and giving you what you need.


Unless you’re hiring an agency that also does copywriting, you’re going to have to provide content for your website. If you’re redesigning, you may be able use some of the copy and images that are on your site currently. (Although we highly recommend taking your content into consideration during a redesign.) If you’re starting from scratch, your designer is likely going to want your content and images close to the beginning of the project.

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Why does this matter so much? 

We need to know what we’re working with. We can design you a great page layout, but if we don’t have the content and images that are going on the page, things may have to change in order for it to fit right. Giving us content early in the process will help with delays in the design and development of your site.


Expect a few follow up emails throughout the design process. We may need some clarification on the content you provided, a link to your social media accounts, or have a question about a page you want to add. Make sure to respond to these emails in a timely manner, so your project doesn’t get held up. Don’t be afraid to reply with your own follow up questions as well! The design process is a collaborative one.


You should expect to see a link to a demo version of your website that allows you to look and click around. These demos are usually done in a testing environment so they don’t have an effect on your current website. While it won’t be a 100% functional website, a demo gives you the opportunity to see your site in action, so you can give us any revisions you may want before it goes live.


It’s not over once your site goes live. After your website launches, you’ll get training on how to use it. The amount of training will depend on your web designer. After we’ve launched a website, we provide our clients training through Skype on how to login and make updates. While your designer may offer something different, you should expect a follow up with information regarding your website.


Hiring a web designer is a big deal. You’re one step closer to having an awesome marketing tool for your business. Knowing what you can expect after hiring a designer will make the process go smoothly.

What to Expect When Hiring A Web Designer

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