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Including Pricing On Your Website

Home Business Tips Including Pricing On Your Website


While we were in the process of rebranding our site, the topic of adding pricing came up a lot. Our old website did not have any prices listed on it, so we went back and forth quite a bit to figure out if we wanted to include this on our new site.

For people running service based businesses, this topic comes up a lot. Are prices a good idea? We see the pros and cons of both sides, but here are some reasons why we decided to include our pricing in our rebrand.

Should you include pricing on your website? Here are reasons why it might help.

1. It Helped Showcase Our Options

The decision to include pricing helped us create different package options for our three different services. Some clients need a ton of work, while others need something more simple, but almost all fall into one of our three package categories. Including pricing gives potential clients an idea of what they’ll be spending for the amount of work they need done.

2. It Eliminates Back And Forth

Having pricing upfront helps eliminate some of the back and forth we’d get from leads who maybe didn’t have the budget for our services. Instead of having to request for a custom quote, they can get a ballpark of our pricing on our site, saving both us and them time.

3. No Unaffordability Beliefs

A lot of people tend to think that if pricing isn’t included upfront, the services must be way out of their price range, even though that may not be the case. Having pricing on our site helps eliminate that worry.

4. It Helps With Budgeting

Sometimes, people want to work with us, but the money isn’t in their budget at the moment. Knowing what they will have to spend upfront will help them save so they can work with us later down the road.

5. It Helps With Branding

We found that pricing helped to strengthen our brand. We aren’t the lowest or highest price, but somewhere in the middle. Having our prices listed help show potential customers where we place ourselves amongst others in the field.

So…should you add prices to your website or not? It really depends on the way you work and the goals for your business. For us, it has helped strengthen our branding and work with our ideal clients. You may want to test it out on your own website and see if it helps.

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