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Not Getting Clients? Take A Look At Your Brand

Home Branding Not Getting Clients? Take A Look At Your Brand

Are you struggling to get clients? Or, maybe you’re getting clients, but not the right ones.

If your business is struggling to get clients, or you aren’t attracting the people you really want to work with, it may be time to look at your brand. There are several key factors that your branding could be lacking that may be the reason for slow growth.

Not getting clients? Take a look at your brand.

Do you really know your clients?

Awhile ago, I was talking to a woman who was frustrated because the sales for her service were stagnant. I suggested she simply ask the people she was marketing to what was preventing them from buying and hear what they said. What she found out was that she was marketing to people that didn’t actually need her service, but something closely related to it.

After hearing feedback, she could have gone two ways; Start  fresh and market her service to a completely different set of people, ones that actually would need her service. Or, change the service she offered and continue to advertise it to the same people. Since she already had a small following, she chose to change her service and people started signing up for it.

The point of this story is that it’s really important to do research. If you don’t know what your ideal clients really want, you’ll be wasting time creating a product or service that they don’t need. If your sales are struggling, reach out for feedback and see if you need to make adjustments.

Are you consistent?

We get bombarded with information all the time, so it’s important to be consistent. Use the same name and visual elements and style throughout all of your marketing materials so people can find and recognize you. And be sure to communicate with your following on a regular basis. The internet moves fast, so if you aren’t reaching out frequently, people will forget you.

Does your website reflect the clients you want?

Your website is one of the bigger components of your overall brand. If it’s not designed to speak to the clients you want to work with, you’ll see a lack of leads. Evaluate your website to make sure the correct message is coming across.

  • Does the copy speak to your ideal clients needs and wants?
  • Are you using high quality images that reflect your branding?
  • Is the site easy to use and navigate so people can get a hold of you?

Does Your Sales Process Need Work?

A big part of branding is developing trust. Before someone spends their money, they need to know that you’re the real deal, yet so many companies don’t have a clear marketing strategy in place. Again, we get bombarded with information all the time. If you aren’t doing anything to get in front of people, how will they know what you’re selling in the first place?

Here are some ways to improve your sales strategy:

  • Send an email to your list
  • Reach out to people on social media
  • Blog consistently about your services
  • Create a free opt in on your website

Does your customer experience need work?

Clearly define the experience you want to give your customers. I’m not talking about a vague “I want my customers to satisfied and happy with what I gave them.” statement. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants that. I’m talking digging deep and clearly defining the process from the moment they first contact you, the timeline you’ll be working together, and what happens after the project is over. Included should be what your customers can expect of you, as well as what you expect of them.

If people don’t know what it’s like working with you, then it’s not their fault if they expect things that go outside of what you’re comfortable with. Clearly defining your customer experience lets people know, upfront, what it’s like working with you. The people that agree to those terms will be the people that you’ll really enjoy working with. These people are also more likely to sing your praises to their friends and family, so you’ll continue to get more work coming in.

If you’re struggling with getting the right kind of clients, I encourage you to take a look at how you brand is positioned in the space. A solid brand will attract the right clients that will help your business thrive. And as always, we would be happy to chat with you to see how we can help.

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