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Why is my website so slow?

Things like unnecessary plugins, poor quality code, large images and poor hosting can all cause long load times. If your website was built years ago it most likely has major performance problems due to outdated web technology and server configurations.

How to improve website speed?

If you want to decrease your website load times, you will need to manually fix each website loading bottleneck one by one. There’s no magic formula or automatic way to speed up your website. It takes years of experience and a deep understanding of web server technology to fully optimize website speed. This is where Wicky Design comes to the rescue! We specialize in page speed optimization and have real world results to back it up.

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Why Website Speed is Important?

Page speed optimization is crucial to your SEO strategy. Google has made it very public that these scores do matter and are a ranking factor. Not only is your website load times a ranking factor it also plays a big role in your website bounce rate and overall user experience. The standard user expects your website to load within 3 seconds. If your website isn’t loading within 3 seconds you are losing money because most users abandon slow loading websites.


Real World Results

See how we helped Shay Construction decrease their website load times by 95%!

Shay Construction

When Shay Construction contacted us they knew their website was loading slowly and needed improvements.

We ran a website speed audit and noticed several things that needed to be optimized. We found that large images, slow hosting and an outdated theme was causing the slow loading times.

The website needed to be fully updated and hosted on a lighting fast server to fix the slow speeds.

Our page speed optimization reduced their load times by 95%, from nearly 20 seconds to 1 second.


Shay GTmetix Before


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