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Web Design Videos

Web Design Videos

We have some pretty exciting news! We just launched a new website and YouTube channel focusing on just Web Design Tutorials.

What Is Web Design Videos?

Web Design Videos will help web designers and developers who want quick and visual web design tutorials without all the BUFFOONERY! This new brand is run by Mark and will include web design tutorials on topics such as WordPress, Elementor, SEO, Website Performance, Animation, and much more.

Web Design Training Videos

Why Did We Create Web Design Videos?

Mark created this website because he wanted to focus on more advanced web design tutorials. We figured it makes more sense to focus on more advanced tutorials with a completely different brand and YouTube channel and keep the Wicky Design YouTube channel focused on online marketing for small business owners.

What Makes This Website Unique?

Not only will this website be a great resource for web design tutorials. But we are opening it up to the public to submit a question and we will make a YouTube video answering the questions.

Web Design Videos Submit Questions

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