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What do you use to build your websites?

Home Design / Layout What do you use to build your websites?


Elementor (Affiliate Link):

Video Transcript

Barbara: Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Quarantine Q&A, where we answer your most frequently asked questions.

Today’s question is, “What do you use to build your websites?”

So we use a couple of different tools, but we mainly develop using WordPress and the Elementor page builder. We really like using these tools because it’s really easy for our clients to make updates and actually see what they’re doing without having to know how to code or know HTML or anything like that.

Mark: Yeah, and we’ve both been using WordPress for several years and she doesn’t have as much experience with the other open source platforms that are out there for CMS’s, so basically trial and error, WordPress is by far the best open source CMS out there.

Barbara: Definitely!

Mark: The community is what really makes it so strong. There’s conference all time, support groups, Facebook groups. What is it now, I looked actually today, it’s 36% of the web, so that number just keeps growing and growing every year.

Barbara: And we like WordPress too because you really have control over your website. You can take that website and put it wherever. Any server that you want. Where as if you’re on something else, you’re kind of stuck into their own system. So with WordPress, you really have a lot of control over what you can do and since it’s open source, you can really do anything because there’s so many people developing different plugins and integrations with WordPress, so you really can have any kind of website that you want.

And using Elementor is great because it’s so well supported as well. There’s I think 4 million people that use Elementor and that number is just growing every day. And it’s just another really well supported, really functional platform. There’s so much that you can do that’s built right into Elementor, so you don’t have to install all of these different plugins. All of this stuff is really built right into the core of Elementor, so it’s really great for our clients. They love being able to actually see what they are doing. It’s really easy to use and it’s getting better everyday.

So that’s what we use to build our websites. Come back tomorrow for another question. Thanks!

Mark: Bye!

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