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What Your Website Needs in 2018

Home Business Tips What Your Website Needs in 2018

For many businesses, the start of a new year means new goals and priorities. Thinking about redesigning your website this year? This is what every website needs in 2018.

Planning a website redesign in 2018? This is what you need to have.


You might be asking, what is SSL? It’s the internet standard for secure communication between your browser (like Google Chrome) and a web server.

Why does this matter? Starting October 2017, browsers started giving warnings on sites that weren’t secure. Meaning, if someone visits your site that isn’t secure, they’ll get a warning sign, which could cause them to leave.

Luckily, setting up SSL is pretty easy with most hosts (We setup all of our clients site’s automatically!) so we recommend contacting your hosting provider ASAP if you aren’t already setup.

A Security Solution

You wouldn’t leave your car doors unlocked, right? The same should apply to your website. There are lots of great, free plugins you can install on your site to help monitor your site for hacking attempts or suspicious code. Many hosting companies also provide different levels of security depending on your plan. Take advantage of the free tools out there and make sure your website is being monitored.

A Backup Solution

Even more important than security solution is a backup solution. Not backing up your website leaves your online presence to chance. The internet is not foolproof and if an update or plugin causes a problem, you could lose everything. Don’t risk it! We recommend backing up your site daily using a backup plugin (We like BackupWP) so if something does happen, you can restore your site to working order.

If your thinking about redesigning your website in 2018, be sure to include a solution for SSL, security and backups in the project. Need help with a redesign? We’d love to chat! All of our website packages include SSL, security and daily backups, so you won’t have to worry!


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