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10 Words to Avoid When Communicating With Potential Clients


Language is a huge part of branding. In order to have a strong brand, it’s important to communicate the same way throughout all forms of communication. That means phone, email, social media and face to face meetings.

The words you use can be the difference between getting a new client or not. Here are 10 words to avoid when communicating with potential clients.

1. Free

While including something for free can definitely get people interested in your products or services, they may get the wrong impression when they realize they have to pay for a premium service in order to get that freebie. Instead, try using the word “bonus” or “extra” instead.

2. Price

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money. “Price” gets people automatically thinking about numbers, instead of the value of what you are offering. Try replacing the phrase, “Here are my prices” with something like, “This service is a $xxxx investment” or “Packages start at $xxxx”.

3. Freelancer

A lot of times, people associate the word freelancer with amateur, someone that doesn’t do their gig full time, or doesn’t have the skills needed to complete their job. Describe yourself as a professional instead. (That’s what you are, anyway!)

4. Honestly

Using the word “honestly” makes it sound like you weren’t honest about everything you were talking about before. Try to avoid this word in your emails, social media posts and even in casual conversations with potential clients.

5. Obviously

You can’t assume that anything is obvious to your potential client. Using this word can come off as condescending.

6. Discount

You decrease the value of your services the moment you start throwing in discounts. Instead of saying “discount” try “limited time offer” or “book now and receive” to create the same sense of urgency.

7. Problem

The word problem is seen as negative and could subconsciously lead people to doubt your abilities. Instead of using problem, try using the word “challenge” instead.

8. Maybe

Using the word “maybe” makes it sound like you aren’t confident in what you are selling. Avoid this one, altogether!

9. Don’t

Using don’t, or any other negative words or phrases when explaining your products or services is a no-no. It’s better to use positive words.

10. Hope

Similar to the word “maybe”, this shows that you aren’t sure in what you’re selling. Be confident!

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