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4 Things Missing on your Services Page

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Video Transcript

If you’re running a service based business, one of the most important pages on your website is, well…your services page. This is the page that tells people exactly what it is that you do. So is your services page helping or hurting your website? Today, I’m going to go over 4 things that might be missing on your services page.

1. Pricing

The first thing that I want to talk about is pricing. Now, there is a bit of a debate on whether or not you should include prices on your website. Some people say that you should, some people say don’t do it, but I am in the camp that you should and here are my reasons why:

Your website is supposed to be geared toward your ideal client, right?  Your ideal client can afford you. If somebody goes to your website and sees that your pricing is a bit out of their budget, then they weren’t your ideal client to begin with. And that’s fine.

There is nothing worse than having an exchange with somebody,  whether it be through phone or email, and you think that this person is a really good fit for you. You get excited about the potential of working together and then they find out your pricing and they say, “oh, I’m so sorry. It’s out of my budget.”

That is a bummer, for both you and for them. You can eliminate that by including prices on your website. People will see it upfront and it will eliminate that back and forth.

Now I understand that some of you might price per project. And that’s actually what we do. If that’s the case, what I recommend you do is put your starting prices on your website. What we’ve done is created packages for the different services that we offer and those are the prices that we have on our website. In most cases, our clients do fit into the packages that we’ve created, but if they are looking for something extra or a little bit outside of that package, we do provide them with a custom quote. But when they go to our website, they see the minimum amount that it’s going to cost them to work with us and that does eliminate those back and forth emails or phone calls and it really does help gear our website to our ideal client. So I definitely recommend including prices on your services page.

2. Your Process

The second thing that I’m going to cover is your process. When people go to your services page they should get an idea of what it’s like to work with you. Including that process on your services page lets people know what it is that they can expect from you. I know that every project and every client is a little bit different, but I’m sure that there are certain things that you do for every project, no matter what. If you can outline those on your services page, it does give people a better idea of what they can expect when they work with you.

3. Your Results

The third thing that I want to talk about that might be missing from your services page is your results. It’s important to talk about the deliverable that the client will receive, but it’s also important to talk about the results that they will get by working with you. That’s why people invest their money with you in the first place.

So let’s say that you’re a personal trainer. If somebody was looking to hire a personal trainer, it’s because they’re hoping to lose weight, or gain muscle, or change their body in some way for the better, right? That’s why people generally hire personal trainers.

If you have on your website that sessions cost $50, that’s great, but it’s also important to say what people would get for $50. What result are they going to see by investing $50 per session with you? That’s a really important thing, especially for a personal trainer, it really incentives people to buy from you if they know the results they’re going to get are exactly the goals that they have. If my goal is to lose weight and you can tell me this is what you’re going to get for that $50 session, that’s going to make me feel good about my purchase.

4. Testimonials

The fourth and final thing that I want to talk about that might be missing from your services page is testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to establish credibility and get people excited about the potential of working with you.

Going back to that personal trainer example, a good testimonial would be explaining the results that were achieved by working with you on personal training. And maybe even including a before and after photo so people can actually see those results. It’s going to get people excited because they are going to say,  “This is the same goal that I have and this person was able to achieve that result, so I should be able to achieve those results as well.”

So those were 4 things that might be missing from your services page. If you like these types of videos, make sure you give this one a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe to this channel where we make new videos regularly and make sure you ring the bell to receive notifications whenever we do post a new video.

4 things missing on your services page

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