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Answering your Autocomplete Questions About Elementor

Today, we’re answering your autocomplete questions about Elementor. We’ve entered the phrase:

“Does Elementor” into YouTube. Here’s what autocomplete suggested.

  1. Does Elementor slow down your site?
  2. Does Elementor work with any theme?
  3. Does Elementor work with Genesis Framework?
  4. Does Elementor work with Genesis?
  5. Does Elementor work with Divi?
  6. Does Elementor work with Avada?
  7. Does Elementor need a theme?
  8. Does Elementor work on iPad?
  9. Does Elementor use shortcodes?

Elementor (Affiliate Link):

Does Elementor slow down your site?

Yes, out of the box Elementor is somewhat bloated, but you can do things to speed it up and make it very fast. For example, if you go to our website, I have it fully optimized for speed using Elementor. With some work, you can get an Elementor page to load in under a second.

Take into consideration the standard things that end up slowing a website down. Don’t upload huge images, don’t add a bunch of unnecessary plugins. No matter what you use, that stuff will slow your site down.

Elementor is definitely working on optimizing their framework even more, so it will be even better to use in the future.

Does Elementor work with any theme?

It works with a lot of themes, but not with every WordPress theme, so keep that in mind if you are going to use Elementor. Make sure whatever theme you have installed is compatible with it. A lot of them are, but there are a few that won’t work well.

This is especially important if you custom build a theme…it’s probably not going to work if you do that.

Does Elementor work with the Genesis Framework?

Yes, it does. We’ve built a few websites on Genesis. Genesis isn’t a theme that we recommend anymore because you can do everything, plus more, just with Elementor.

Does Elementor work with Genesis?

This is kind of the same question as above. Yes, you can use Genesis and Elementor and it will work fine.

Does Elementor work with Divi?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Divi is another page builder/theme and we don’t recommend using 2 different page builders on one website. You’re going to run into a lot of problems with performance, and you’ll probably have a lot of conflicting code. While it can work with Divi, it’s not going to be a good experience.

Does Elementor work with Avada?

Avada is another WordPress theme, and yes, it does. We looked that up and it works fine. They actually have a whole blog post on the Elementor blog about working with Avada.

Does Elementor need a theme?

Yes, every WordPress website needs to have a theme installed. What we recommend is installing the Hello Elementor theme if you are going to use Elementor. This theme is completely blank. There’s nothing in it, no bloat – in a lot of cases, themes add extra bloat to sites. If you’re going to build with Elementor, you can do everything inside of Elementor, so there’s no need for extra theme features. You just need something bare bones and basic.

Does Elementor work on iPad?

Yes, it works on an iPad or any other mobile device. You won’t have any issues with that.

Does Elementor use shortcodes?

No. Some page builders, such as Divi, use shortcodes. If you’re trying to move your website to somewhere else, you could run into a lot of problems with the WordPress editor because it doesn’t recognize the shortcodes. Elementor is not shortcode based, so you won’t run into that problem.

However, you do have the ability to use them if you need to, for things like templates. When you save Elementor templates, they do provide you with a shortcode that can be placed on your pages. This is for added flexibility when editing, but the actual editor is not built using the shortcode method.

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