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Can I add video to my website?


Video Transcript

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark.

Barbara: And I’m Barbara.

Mark: And we’re Wicky Design.

Barbara: And here’s another Ask A Web Designer video.

Today’s question is, “Can I add video to my website?” The answer is YES and we encourage you to add video! We love when people have videos that they can add on their website. It makes the site much more engaging, it keeps people on the page and it just looks really cool.

Mark: And I would add to that there is a couple of different ways you can add videos on your website and the two big ones are you use YouTube videos and you just embed on your website or you host the video on your server and you let it play through your server.

We recommend most times just using YouTube because there are a lot of benefits to that.

Barbara: Or Vimeo or another service.

Mark: The good thing about using something like YouTube is that video that you created can also be searched an indexed on YouTube.

Barbara: That helps with SEO.

Mark: The reason why we don’t recommend hosting the video on your server is a lot of reasons. It can’t get indexed like it would if it was on YouTube and it will start to eat up a lot of your resources on your server. Your bandwidth, your space if it’s a big video so I don’t think we can ever recommend hosting a local video on your website so using YouTube or Vimeo is a perfect opportunity.

Barbara: But we can definitely embed those videos onto pages on your website and like we said, we highly encourage you to add videos and if you have a bank of videos like you’re teaching classes or you’re doing conferences and stuff and you have videos, add it to your website. It makes the website so much more engaging.

Mark: And that’s a good thing because Google wants your users to stay on the page as long as possible, So if they’re sitting on your page for awhile watching a video, that helps with engagement and bounce rates…the whole thing.

Barbara: So that was today’s video. Come back tomorrow for another Ask A Web Designer video where we answer your questions. And if you have a question for us, leave a comment down below. We’ll answer it in a future video, Be sure to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications. And we’ll see you tomorrow.

Mark: Bye!

Barbara: Bye!

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