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Do you charge hourly or per project?


Video Transcript

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark.

Barbara: And I’m Barbara.

Mark: And we’re Wicky Design.

Barbara: And today, we’re answering the question, “Do you charge per project or hourly for your branding and web design services?”

And the answer is we kind of do both. It depends on what it is that you’re needing.

For web design and branding projects, we charge per project. We have packages and kind of starting prices for those services and that’s because every project is a little bit different, so if we charged hourly, there would be a lot of surprises at the end. And we don’t like to do that. We like to be upfront about how much things are going to cost so you know what you’re getting into and there are really no surprises.

Mark: Yeah and so after the website is done, that’s when stuff turns into more of an hourly project. So we have maintenance plans that you can sign up for and that includes any additional edits you may have after the website is launched. Or if you need advanced customizations afterwards, that’s when it can get into the hourly rate.

Barbara: Right, and we always like to estimate the time that it’s going to take to do those updates and those maintenance things too, so we give you an estimate upfront before we start doing any of that work, but that is more on an hourly basis.

So that’s kind of how we work. I know every company is a little bit different, but we just want to clear that up in case you ever had questions about how we price out services.

So that was today’s question. Come back tomorrow for another video where we answer your questions. Make sure you like and subscribe to this channel and ring the bell to receive notifications whenever we post a new video. Bye!

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