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Do you outsource your work?

Home Business Tips Do you outsource your work?


Video Transcript

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark.

Barbara: And I’m Barbara.

Mark: And we’re Wicky Design.

Barbara: And this is another, Ask A Web Designer video.

Today’s question is, “Do you guys outsource your work?”

The answer is NO! As very strict no. We take a lot of pride in not outsourcing our work to anyone. I know some other companies do this, but we really like to work one-on-one with our clients and provide them with really great service.

Throughout the whole design process you will be working with just the two of us. There’s no one else that will be handling the design and development of your website. It’s just us. I handle more of the design stuff. Mark likes to handle more of the development side and launching your website, but throughout the whole process, we are the only two people that you will be working with.

Mark: Yeah, and I want to stress this again. We are very open about this. We have never outsourced our work and we never will. Our whole business model is working directly with us and we are very transparent about that.

I will point out that we do partner with photographers and copywriters for other services that people may offer that we don’t. So as far as the website, the hosting, the design, the development, that’s always going to be in house.

Barbara: Right. When some of our clients do need things like photography or copywriting for their website, those are services that we don’t provide, so we will refer people that we trust in those industries to help our clients out and really give them a whole solution for their web design project.

So that was today’s question. Come back tomorrow for another Ask A Web Designer video. Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell to receive notifications and follow us on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, all the big platforms, so follow us there as well. And if you have a question for us, leave a comment down below. We’ll see you next time!

Mark: Thanks, Bye!

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