Do you use templates to build your websites?

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May 14, 2020


Video Transcript

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark.

Barbara: And I’m Barbara.

Mark: And we’re Wicky Design.

Barbara: And here’s another Ask A Web Designer video.

Today’s question is, “Do you use themes or templates to build your websites?” And the answer is no. Our designs are 100% custom, so we don’t buy themes and customize them. We do everything from scratch, so you are going to have a website that is completely unique. Nobody else in the world is going to have it.

Mark: So themes a lot of times are bloated and they have a lot of features in them that you’re not going to use, and it has a lot of extra code. So yes, you used to buy themes a few years ago and you customize it to your liking. That was kind of like the way that you did it a lot of times, but nowadays, it’s easier to start from a blank canvas and use a page builder like Elementor and just go to town on it.

Barbara: In most cases, I would say that 90% of the time, you don’t need a lot of the stuff that most of these themes have and when you customize a site, you can get exactly what it is that you want and need on the website without having all of this additional code that’s taking forever to load on your page and it makes editing and the backend kind of a mess.

We try to keep everything really minimal and streamlined and only use things that we really need on the website in order to get it to function the way that you want. So that’s the reason why we don’t use themes in our process at all.

Mark: And in the future, you can check out the link below. I wrote a whole article on the future of themes in the WordPress ecosystem is probably going to be disappearing. A lot of theme developers are moving strictly to other page builders or Gutenburg, so I have a whole article on this. Long story short, themes might not be around for much longer, so don’t get locked into a theme, especially in 2020. It’s best to start from scratch.

Barbara: And you’re going to get, in the end, a really customized site that doesn’t look like anyone else’s site. That’s what we want to give our clients is custom solutions for their business and not something that a ton of other people could have.

So that was today’s video. Thanks for watching this series of videos and if you have a question that you want to ask us, leave a comment down below and we will continue to make these videos in the future and answer your questions. So thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications.


Mark: Bye!

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