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Google PageSpeed Insights – November 2018 Update

Home SEO Google PageSpeed Insights – November 2018 Update

Google released an update to their page speed tool. Version 5 of the PageSpeed Insights API was released in November 2018. It now uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine and also incorporates field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).


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Google has decided to merge the old PageSpeed Insights tool and Lighthouse together. Google is using Lighthouse throughout all their audit systems, this will give more consistent results when running your website audits in the future. Here’s a link to watch their State of the Union for Speed Tooling Video.

As you can see the results look a lot different than the previous versions of the PageSpeed Insights tool. Getting a score of 90-100 is what’s most important. Google mentions in the State of the Union for Speed Tooling video that getting the green is key. No need to worry about getting 100. It’s very hard to get a 100 on mobile, this is because Google is using a throttling simulation for mobile.

100 PageSpeed Insights

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I created a video of a few of our most important things to look for in your website audit. Below is a link to that YouTube video:

PageSpeed Insights


We can’t stress how important tools like PageSpeeed Insights will be for SEO and web development moving forward. These audit tools are designed to help give everybody on the internet a better user experience. Like we said in our past blog post, we have seen a huge increase in our SEO rankings since we started to focus on Technical SEO best practices.

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