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Google Wildcard Search Tutorial

Home SEO Google Wildcard Search Tutorial


In this quick tutorial, Mark show you how to use a wildcard search within Google search and YouTube. Mark will also show you how to use a creative search technique what he calls “Search Analysis Alphabet Soup“.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Mark from Wicky Design. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Wildcard searches inside of Google Search and YouTube Search. I like to call this technique Search Analysis Alphabet Soup. It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple and can be very useful if you’re looking to come up with new ideas for blog posts articles or videos and you just need a little extra help on what it is that you can write about. So let’s just jump right into it.

So, let’s say you’re going to create a video article around Toyota Camry’s. And let’s say you want to come up with some real data that people are actually searching for. So you probably know that Google has the auto suggest, so it’s using that technique, but more creatively.

So let’s say you wanted to create a how to video on something with a Toyota Camry, but you kind of just need some ideas. So you would just do your normal search like how to…and this is where the Wildcard comes in, put an * here, and as you can see, Google is going to auto suggest all of these different ideas. Now where the alphabet soup comes into play is you just go down every letter of the alphabet and just put in a letter at the end.

For example. let’s start with A. How to reset a Toyota Camry airbag light. So that is pulling the A. Same thing here, so cabin air filter. So Google is going to give you all of these suggestions and it will bold whatever it thinks will be a good match for you.

So then we can go to B. So a really good video would be “How to Connect a Toyota Camry Bluetooth”. That seems to be what people are really searching for. So then you can go C, D…so you get the idea.

So the cool thing is that’s Google Search. So if you’re going to create a blog article or any content around that on your website, you can use this. You can use the same thing over here on YouTube and the great thing is that you’re going to get different results because videos are a little bit different than content. So let’s say A, so we have air filter. So we have Toyota Camry air filter, so let’s go [back to Google] and see if they have that here. So if you’re going to create the same piece of content, if you’re going to create a video and a blog article, make sure that they kind of match in the two different systems. Then you’ll be able to rank in Google search for video results and a blog article and there’s a good possibility that you’ll get the featured snippet that way.

It’s kind of fun. It’s a more creative way to do it. I like to just go down here, do all of the different letters. What I recommend is that you click on one of these and kind of just see what it is that some of these other videos have done. You can look at the view count and get an idea and you can just create a video that is more current. Like this one is from 5 years ago so the possibilities are endless. But what I recommend is trying to get, if you’re going to create a video and a blog article, try to make it where they are similar in the search results here. I definitely have done that for some of our content and we rank in Google Search, featured snippet. So we rank different ways with one piece of content.

So definitely a really cool tool and something that not a lot of people know about. So have fun with it and take your good results and just put them in a spreadsheet and create the content around that. Hope this video was helpful. Thanks, this is Mark from Wicky Design.

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