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How did you get the name Wicky Design?


Video Transcript

Barbara: Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Quarantine Q&A, where we answer your most frequently asked questions.

Today’s question is, “How did you guys come up with the name Wicky Design?”

This is something that we always get asked and there really isn’t a good answer for it.

Mark: No, so I came up with it before I met Barb. So the domain and name is actually over 10 years old. So at that time I was looking to…I had another business before called Remote Dimensions…which was way too complicated, too long. So I wanted something that was fun and integrated the word design into it. So I kind of sat there one day and I just went through and saw what was available and I was kind of going through Wikipedia to get some ideas and then I thought “Wicky” and then “Design”. So that’s kind of how it came about, was Wicky from Wikipedia and then I wanted to have design.

So that’s how it basically came together. The domain was available, I bought it and I just sat on it for years, pretty much until I met Barb back in 2013, 2014 and we actually started to use it. So it kind of just sat there for awhile.

Barbara: Yeah, so sorry there isn’t much better of a story. There’s really no meaning behind it. It was just kind of something that Mark has thought up and it was available.

Mark: I wanted something that was kind of fun, that wasn’t so serious, and integrated the word Design. So that was my biggest thing.

Barbara: Yeah and I think it’s pretty memorable. It’s kind of a dumb name, but you definitely remember it.

So that’s the story on how we got our name. Sorry it wasn’t more elaborate or more thought out, but that’s it.

So come back tomorrow for another question.

Mark: See ya!


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