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How do you get clients?

Home Business Tips How do you get clients?


Video Transcript

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark

Barbara: And I’m Barbara

Mark: And we’re Wicky Design.

Barbara: And this is an Ask A Web Designer video.

Today’s video is “How do you get clients?”

This is kind of a complicated question to answer and I think that every designer is a little different, but for us, most of our leads come through Google. We worked really hard on our SEO and that’s really how we get most of our clients. They just come directly from Google to our website.

Mark: I would stress that a lot of that is more local SEO. So we’re here in the Philadelphia area so if you type in “Philadelphia web design”, we’ve optimized our pages so people in the local area can find us. So that’s been about 50% of our leads coming in is just through our website.

Barbara: And I would say the other 50%, 25% is probably from social media and the other 25% is referrals from other customers- so people referring us to their friends and family.

Going back to that SEO portion, a lot of people then ask us, “Well, how did you get high rankings? and How did you work on your SEO? Did you do keyword research? Did you hire a company?” And the answer to both of those questions is no, we did not. We really just focus on creating content, creating value for our customers and for our audience. That takes time, but in the end, if you’re consistent and you make videos, you do blogs, you do things like this, it will pay off. And that’s what we tell everybody that uses our services when they ask, “How do I get good SEO? Do I need to hire somebody? Do I need to spend thousands of dollars on ads on Google or Facebook?” We didn’t have to do that and I really don’t think any business had to. You just have to grind it out and hustle and put in the content.

Mark: It takes a long time. Like when we moved to Philly from Tampa, it took about 10 months for us to start ranking on a pretty consistent basis, so it takes time. Like she said, it’s a slow grind, there’s no magic pill to make you rank faster. We’ve had other content around this in other videos and we can’t stress it enough – don’t waste your time on things like keyword research, spending thousands of dollars on SEO hacks – they don’t work. It’s as simple as that.

Barbara: Yeah, just write about what you know and really focus on building your brand and creating value for your audience.

So that’s today’s question. Come back tomorrow for another one. Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell to receive notifications. See ya later!

Mark: See ya!

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