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How to Create an About Page

Home Design / Layout How to Create an About Page

Your About page is one of the most important pages on your website. The About page is where you establish trust and often times it will be the deciding factor on whether to buy your services or products. I will give you some of the top things I recommend you have on your About page.


Tell your story

The About page should include a section that tells your story. This can include things like how you got started & why you love what you do. I recommend you keep this section short and sweet. If you have a long detailed story it can turn people away and they might even leave the website. Of course, you don’t want that to happen!

Below is an example of our Story on our about page, this short paragraph has worked great for us.



Talk about how you can help

This might be the most important section on your About page. You will need to have a dedicated section that will talk about the problems they might be facing and how you can solve those problems. A good title for this section can be something like “You’re in the right place if” or “How we can help you”.

Make sure you list off several of their pain points and that you’re the right person to solve those problems. People want to feel a direct connection with you and that you completely understand their pain points.

Below is a good example:



Showcase your credentials, degrees or features.

You can also have a small section that showcases your awards, credentials, degrees or featured appearances. Of course, this section will vary depending on your business and experiences. I recommend you list off some of your top achievements, don’t go crazy and add tons of different things. You want to keep it simple and skimmable.

If you have been featured on a Podcast or a video, make sure you list it here. This will give people the ability to see your personality.


Meet the team

This is the area where you can have some fun! List off your team members and add in some personal information. It’s important to remember that when people are visiting your About page, they want to connect to a human, not a company. The biggest mistake you can make is not being transparent with your visitors.

Make sure you have professional photos of your team. Don’t use stock photos of other people! You will be amazed at how many times I come across the same cheesy stock photos on About pages. You are better off not having photos at all over using stock photos. People will spot them from a mile away and you will lose any sort of trust from your visitors.


Call to Action

Having a clear Call to Action section is very important on your About page. It’s possible that visitors will be landing on your About page, so you will want to direct them to a Call to Action.

It’s common to have a simple newsletter sign up or links to your top articles on the bottom of the About page. Feel free to do some testing on the best placement for your Call to Action section.



Don’t over complicate the About page. A good About page should be simple, straightforward and communicate just a few key things. Your About page is typically one of the most visited pages on your website so make it a fun page that highlights your personality.

How to Create an Awesome About Page


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