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Ways To Spruce Up Your Website

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Need to do some Spring cleaning on your website? Here are 5 ways you can spruce it up. Pin the below graphic for future reference!

Five ways to spruce up your website

1. Add To Your Portfolio

People want to see the work you have done. Show off your recent work by adding new projects to your portfolio.

2. Update Your Copy

Simple edits can make a huge difference. Take a few minutes to look over your pages and see if anything is outdated or can be updated.

3. Add Video

Videos are a great way to increase user engagement on your site and can be a perfect compliment to your website copy. You can use videos to demonstrate how to use your product or accompany a blog post you’ve written.

4. Change Your Blog Sidebar

Fill your sidebar with links to the products or services you want to highlight. In our blog sidebar, you’ll see a link to our free website evaluation along with an introduction and links to our social media accounts.

5. Add New Images

Is your headshot a few years old? Have you expanded your office? Update the images on your site to reflect those changes.

A few small tweaks to your web design can make a big impact. Look over your current website and see if you can make any of these changes we’ve listed above.

Looking for a professional redesign? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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