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What To Include On Your Contact Page

Home Business Tips What To Include On Your Contact Page

Your contact page might be the most important page on your website. It’s how leads get a hold of you, ask questions and eventually become paying customers. So how can you make your contact page better? Here’s what should be included on every contact page.


A Contact Form

Contact forms are a simple, easy way for people to email you without having to open up an email client. Contact forms also make it easier to see who is contacting you, as you can store those emails in a database.

Email Addresses

Although contact forms are easy, including email addresses on your contact page is still important. People may want to add your email to their address book or save your email to contact you at a later date.

Social Media Links

Your contact page is a great place to show all the social networks you are on in one place. Be sure to include links to all your social media.

Business Hours

If you have set business hours, be sure to include those on your contact page. This is especially important if you have a brick and mortar shop, as many people search online to find business hours before traveling.

Your Address

This one may not apply to all businesses, especially ones that can work from anywhere (like web designers!), but if you have a physical location that you do business out of, be sure to include that on your contact page. People are constantly looking up businesses on their phones, so including your address allows people to pull up directions in their GPS so they can easily find you.

 A Google Map

As stated above, a good amount of people are accessing your website through their smart phone. Adding a Google map to your contact page will help them figure out how to get to you.

A good contact page will help make a good first impression and allow people to gain trust in your brand. Make sure your contact page is helpful and provides your customers with all the information they are looking for.


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