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Who does what?


Video Transcript

Barbara: Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Quarantine Q&A, where we answer your most frequently asked questions.

Today’s question is, “Who does what? What are your roles in the business?” People ask us that all of the time.

So my role is more of the design side of things. So I handle the branding and the web design projects. Really just making things look pretty. And Mark, I’ll let him answer.

Mark: Yeah, I do all of the geeky stuff on the backend. So I handle some development stuff. The big one is I maintain the server for all of our client’s websites. That’s big, that’s almost a full time job in itself. I do some business development too. Look for new clients and new opportunities and I edit these videos together.

She doesn’t let me do design too much because she’s a much better designer than me, but we do overlap sometimes. Yeah, I let her do a lot of the design. She doesn’t touch the server. Do you even know how to get into the server?

Barbara: Not really, no.

Mark: See. [laughs]

Barbara: Yeah, he’s much better at doing the technical things and I don’t really like doing that so it works pretty well. We have clear, defined roles and I think that’s really important when you’re running a business. Especially when you’re running a business with one other person and you live together, you’re married and all that. So it really does help having clear roles and tasks every day so we know what we’re supposed to be focusing on throughout each day. It just makes a huge difference.

Mark: I think it’s good that we don’t overlap with a lot of tasks because that’s just going to get messy and you waste a lot of time that way.

Barbara: Right

Mark: So we have very clear tasks on what we do and don’t do.

Barbara: Right, and there is a little bit of overlap in that I will do some maintenance and updates for existing clients and that’s something that Mark does as well. But at the end of the day, I think we have pretty clear defined roles and I think that really helps us in our business.

So that was today’s question. Come back tomorrow for another one. Thanks!

Mark: See ya!


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