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WordPress Questions and Answers (YouTube Autocomplete)

Home WordPress WordPress Questions and Answers (YouTube Autocomplete)

You have questions about WordPress and we have answers! Today, we’re answering your autocomplete questions about WordPress. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

We typed “is WordPress” into YouTube search and here’s what they showed:

  1. is WordPress free?
  2. is WordPress worth it?
  3. s WordPress good for e-commerce?
  4. is WordPress the best website builder?
  5. is WordPress good?
  6. is WordPress hard to learn?
  7. is WordPress safe to use?
  8. is WordPress worth learning in 2020?
  9. is WordPress easy to use?
  10. is WordPress safe from hackers?
  11. is WordPress hosting free?
  12. is WordPress good for SEO?
  13. is WordPress better than coding?

Is WordPress Free?

Kind of. You can go to and sign up for a completely free website, but you will have some limitations. If you just want a journal or a simple blog, then yes, you can sign up for free and go to town.

If you want a bigger website, you will have to pay for some additional options, but you can get started for free with WordPress.

Is WordPress Worth It?

Yes! This seems to be a question aiming at instead of The .org website is the open source version of WordPress, where you download it and host it yourself. With that, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees for WordPress. The open source version is 100% worth it. We don’t usually recommend building a website on because you will hit some limitations.

Is WordPress Good for e-Commerce?

It’s great for e-commerce. They have the Woocommerce extension that you can add on to WordPress that will let you sell whatever you want. You can have a simple online store, selling things like t-shirts, but then you can really take it further and customize it to build membership sites, subscription based sites, or even entire e-learning platforms. The possibilities really are endless.

Is WordPress the Best Website Builder?

We say yes. We build all of our client websites with Elementor and WordPress. So Elementor is a page builder on top of the WordPress framework. If you have just these 2 things together, you are way ahead of most of the website builders out there in terms of functionality.

Is WordPress Good?

We think so!

Is WordPress Hard to Learn?

Yes and no. It depends on what it is that you want to learn. If you want a basic website without tons of functionality on the backend, that’s easy to learn. What’s harder to learn are things like building custom plugins, or creating advanced functions that don’t already exist. For that, you would need to learn PHP and how WordPress is set up. It’s not impossible, and there are plenty of resources online if you want to learn, but there is definitely a learning curve, especially if you’re looking to do more advanced customizations.

Is WordPress Safe to Use?

This seems like a question regarding hacking or security. Yes, it’s very safe to use. Years ago, it wasn’t as secure, but now, vulnerabilities are getting patched the same day. As long as you keep your website up to date, it will be safe and future proof.

If you don’t keep things up to date, no matter what you use to build your site, you will have problems. It’s important to stay on top of things.

Is WordPress Worth Learning in 2020?

Well no, because it’s 2021 now. 🙂

But actually, yes, it’s worth learning. I believe this question was aimed towards employment or career choice. If you want to become a web developer or learn any sort of CMS, WordPress is the best one to learn.

Is WordPress Easy to Use?

It really depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re just making a basic website, you can learn it, you’ll be able to update it, and do whatever you need to do.

If you’re trying to learn how to code, build plugins, or any stuff like that, it is a little bit harder, but not impossible.

Is WordPress Safe from Hackers?

Yes, it can be a very secure platform, if you keep up with updates. We recommend going in at least once a month to make sure things are up to date.

Is WordPress Hosting Free?

We touched on this before, but you can go to and sign up for a completely free website. That will be hosted on their platform and you’ll have some limitations. If you want to expand upon that website, you will have to upgrade and pay for monthly hosting.

Is WordPress Good for SEO?

Yes, 100%. It’s probably one of the best platforms to build on and not have to worry about your SEO. It can do everything plus some. SEO is a really complicated topic, so this is a hard question to answer, but in short, you won’t have any limitations as far as what you can do with SEO on WordPress.

Is WordPress Better than Coding?

This is kind of a weird question, but yes, I think it’s easier to manage a website that’s on a CMS. This question might be geared toward whether it’s better to hand code a site or use WordPress. The answer really depends on what you want your website to do. In some cases, it might be easier to hand code, but for most people, we find a CMS like WordPress makes it a lot easier to manage a website.

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