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HD Showings wordpress website redesign


HD Showings provides professional photography and video services for real estate agents.

Addressing Problems

HD Showings desperately needed a modern, mobile friendly website rebuild. Due to poorly written, outdated technology, their old site was not secure and at times not accessible. This caused huge issues since the majority of their business is done online.

Streamlined Services

The services page on the old HD Showings website was long, outdated, and lacked visuals. In the redesign, we focused on listing just their core services and provided visuals to give customers a better idea of what they could expect.

HD Showings Services page designed by Wicky Design Philadelphia
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Aryeo Software Integration

The old booking platform on the HD SHowings website was using outdated, poorly written code that posed huge security risks and often crashed. We integrated the Aryeo real estate content platform onto the site to let customers place their orders. Now, HD Showings can easily track orders and communicate with their customers without worry.

HD Showings wordpress website redesign

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