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March 1, 2018

We work hard everyday to learn and understand how to improve our customer service. We believe the “human element” is the most important aspect to running a successful business. Below are few tips to help improve customer interactions.

We believe the "human" element is the most important aspect of customer service. This post gives tips on improving customer interactions.

Respond Quickly

Nobody want’s to feel like they are being ignored or put in a long list. Make sure to respond quickly to any legitimate questions/leads. If you’re on vacation or out of the office, be sure to setup an auto response to let people know that it might take a little bit longer to receive a response.

Talk Like a Human

How many times have you received a canned response from a big company? People want to talk with people, not robots. Personalize your emails and if needed, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your customer. Sometimes, a quick phone call can resolve a situation must faster than a chain of emails.

Don’t Hide Behind your “policy”

Policies definitely serve a purpose, but nothing is more frustrating then when you’re talking to a customer service representative and you hear the phrase, “Sorry, that’s just our policy.” It makes me feel like they don’t value my business and just want to get me off the phone. Instead of just saying that nothing can be done, offer your customers alternative solutions that do fit in with your policies.

Think Like Your Customers

Don’t setup your website to be a generic sales pitch. Your website is a great opportunity to answer your customers questions. Think about why someone would be coming to your website and do your best to answer their questions, solve their problems and address their pain points.

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