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Why We Got Rid of Our Twitter

When Wicky Design first got started, we signed up for every social media platform out there. We wanted to grow the brand and didn’t have an advertising budget. Since social media was free to use, it was our best bet.

Over the years of having Twitter, we grew our following to around 2,500, our biggest following on any social media platform. And a few weeks ago, we decided to get rid of it altogether. In this post, we explain the reasoning for our decision to stop using Twitter for our business.

Lack of Engagement

As mentioned above, we grew our account to around 2,500 followers. Out of all the social media platforms we were on, we had the highest amount of followers on Twitter. While generally, a larger amount of followers means more interaction, that wasn’t the case for us. We rarely got any interaction from what we posted. Our followers weren’t commenting on our Tweets or clicking the links we posted to our content.

This just reinforces the fact that the amount of followers you have on a platform doesn’t matter if they aren’t actively engaging in your content.

Although we had a fairly large following on Twitter, people were engaging with our content way more on Facebook and Instagram, platforms where we had fewer followers. Pinterest was bringing us a ton of blog traffic, while the links we posted to our blogs on Twitter got little to no clicks. The engagement on Twitter wasn’t there and the numbers proved it.

Our Audience Wasn’t Hanging Out On Twitter

Due to the lack of engagement, it became pretty clear that we weren’t in front of the right audience on Twitter. This is likely because when we signed up, we didn’t really know who our audience was. At the time, we were trying to market to anyone that needed a website, which is not a great strategy for running a business. Once we figured out our audience, we figured out the places that they were hanging out online.

Twitter wasn’t the place where our audience was, but we kept the platform for so long in hopes that “maybe we would find them there”. What ended up actually happening: we put no effort into the platform. We had no Twitter strategy, barely posted, and really didn’t care what happened, which all makes sense because it wasn’t working for us in the first place. Instead of holding onto something that we weren’t excited about, we thought the better decision was to get rid of it and focus fully on the things that were working for us.

We Didn’t Really Like It

The last reason for dropping our business Twitter was simple. We didn’t really like it anymore. What we saw every time we logged into our account was honestly something we didn’t want to be a part of. There are a lot of trolls on Twitter and unfortunately, we saw a lot of hurtful words and conversations. Although this wasn’t happening towards us, we didn’t like what we were seeing towards others. We try to keep things positive and saw a lot of negativity on Twitter.

Not Every Platform Will Work

Every business is different. What works for your business may not work for someone else. While we know lots of people have success on Twitter, it just wasn’t the right fit to promote Wicky Design. The lesson is: do what works for you.

Why We Got Rid of Our Twitter Account

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