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How to Add Live Chat to a WordPress Website


In this video I’m going to show you how to easily add a live chat widget to your WordPress website for free!

There’s a lot of different live chat plugins and services out there and in our testing and use cases we finally found a great solution.

Tawk is great because it’s lightweight and offers tons of services all for free. One of the best features is this script doesn’t add a bunch of extra bloat to your website causing performance issues.


  • 0:00 Tawk Overview
  • 1:02 Sign up for Tawk account
  • 2:31 Install WordPress Tawk plugin
  • 2:58 plugin settings
  • 4:46 Tawk dashboard
  • 6:15 Chat widget appearance
  • 7:50 Live chat testing
  • 11:23 Additional Tawk settings
  • 12:34 Tawk documentation and help

Sign up for your free Tawk account:

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