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Linda Cabot Design is a sustainable fashion and textiles brand in Boston, Massachusetts specializing in home decor items, apparel, and baby. Their products are eco-conscious and ethically made by local stitchers celebrating the art of needlecraft.

Addressing Problems

The old Linda Cabot website had poor search functionality and a hard to use interface. Unnecessary plugins made the site run slowly, making it nearly impossible to manage. The old site has many organizational problems. Customers couldn’t find the products they wanted on the website and often abandoned their carts.
With the launch of a new collection and the holiday season quickly approaching, they needed a design and development team to quickly upgrade their website so they could start promotions.

Organized Shop Page

We recategorized the products on Linda Cabot Design and created a Shop page with dynamic filters and search. 

Shop all page Linda Cabot Design
Linda Cabot Design Product Page

Redesigned Product Pages

The product pages on the old Linda Cabot site showed blurry images and lacked product information. We created a custom product page template that made it easy for store managers to add photos, information, and upsells to the page, cutting the time it takes to add products to the site in half.

home page design Linda Cabot Design by Wicky in philadelphia

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